The Project

With your help, interest and generosity, we are creating a community facility for the 21st Century that is a worthy addition to the village for the enjoyment of villagers and visitors alike whilst keeping the building true to itself.

We have achieved this by providing:

1. A Village Museum – documenting 10,000 years of Dunster’s history, plus in-depth information on key aspects of Dunster’s history – like its wool industry.  There are important artefacts on display and also some amazing Roman pots found by Dunster Museum Archaeology Group. There are historical photos and video footage. Discovering Dunster’s history is a work in progress and the Museum will be ever changing as we keep making new discoveries – for example did you know Dunster had a second castle?

2. An information room and kitchen – a start point for village history tours, etc.
kitchen3. New multi-use toilet that is disabled & baby change friendly.
Disabled loo4. As many dolls on display as possible on a new mezzanine floor above the main hall.

5. A village room for meetings in comfort, with seating for up to 18 people for use as a study base for children, for small presentations or intimate parties and gatherings.
Conference room

7. Free Wi-Fi for villagers and visitors.

8. A ‘Victorian’ snooker room for that special evening or club meeting.

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