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 Dunster Museum and Doll Collection is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and enthusiasts. We are always looking for new faces to join our team and help with our vital work. Can you help by offering your time to fill one of a number of roles both in the Museum and Doll Collection or with the Project?

Museum and Doll Collection; 

Room Stewards – have the opportunity of making a real difference to the museum and collection! You will; look after the museum and collection, supervise the public, enhance visitors experience by answering questions, give information about the exhibits as well as the history of the building and village.

Administrative Assistants – are a vital part of running the Museum and Doll Collection, we need volunteers who are able to; help with paperwork, deal with post, answer phone calls and respond to emails, type and set up documents as well as keep computer records and filing up to date.

Fundraising – is crucial to the Museum and Doll Collection, help to raise money for the Museum and Doll Collection at different events and implement new money-generating  ideas so it can continue to open to the public.

The Project;

Building and Decorating – lend you’re time to help physically change the building and help the project take form. Jobs can vary tremendously and so the ability to be versatile and adapt is paramount.

Archiving and Cataloging – urgently required to help set up the Museum. Tasks include; researching, typing, cataloging new items as well as items already in both the Museum and Doll Collection, entering entry forms into catalog.

Fundraising – help to secure new funds and donations which will be put directly back into the project to help establish the Museum and Doll Collection. We are looking for individuals to; fill out and submit funding applications by paper and online to various organisations, help at events to gather donations, research new ideas/ways to create contributions, grants and gifts.

Research – We have a small team lead by members of The Museum Archaeology Group, exploring and researching the history of the parish.  We use the data that they collect to update the museum and timeline so there’s something new every year.

Planning and Idea Development – imperative for the success of the Museum and Doll Collection, we need people to come up with new ideas and ways to implement them to benefit the project. This can be anything, from ideas of laying out the current exhibition differently to planning a new temporary exhibition (e.g. WWI in 2014), changing the colour of the walls to holding an new event to raise money for the project.

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