Winter 2019/2020

We’ve had a few upgrades and updates to the museum during the closed season to bring a fresh look to the museum.  We’ve added in storage space to the attic area above the doll collection so we are able to store the dolls that we currently do not have space for to be displayed.  under the stairs in the museum a space has been created to allow the storage of artifacts/maps which the museum has been collecting over the last couple years.  This in turn has created extra display space for some of the larger Prams in the doll collection.  The desk for our volunteers has been moved (again) to better welcome people into the museum.  The meeting room which we hire out now had a new projector and sound system installed to allow better connectivity to modern equipment for presentations.

April 2018

With the help of the Rural Development Agency and the European Development Fund for Tourism, a new Mezzanine Gallery and a platform lift have been installed in our Memorial Hall

Come and see our new display of Roman Pots!

Recently fragments of Roman pots, dating form the 1st to 3rd century AD, were found at Dunster Beach. This has created a lot of interest and speculation that there may once have been a Roman Settlement in Dunster. The fragments have been sorted, and some of the pots have been partially stuck back together. Come and see them on display now!

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Ben’s Sponsored Skydive was a huge success!

Ben’s jump from 15,000 feet on Sunday 14th June 2015 at Dunkeswell airfield was a huge success.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I still can’t believe I’ve done it. I was nervous for month prior to the jump, waking up at night. Then all of a sudden it was jump day and it suddenly all became very real. I tried to remain as calm as possible, and it appeared to work. Even on the plane flying up to the correct altitude, I wasn’t worried or nervous. Then the door opened and everyone started to dive out of the plane and I suddenly realised it was me next. Then the nerves kicked in. Before I knew it I was kneeling at the open door looking down thinking ‘this is mad’. Then we just rolled out of the plane, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, as though I was floating, not falling. The time free falling seemed to pass very fast and then the chute opened, and you could take in the view. Then it was straight down for a smooth landing. All in all AMAZING! And I managed to raise money for our fantastic local project.”

The total amount raised was over £800!

Tandem pic
Ben and his tandem instructor prior to jumping

Pic 2Pic 3

Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6

To see a video of my Jump CLICK HERE!


Become a Supporter, Member or Friend and help YOUR village museum!

Dunster Museum and Doll Collection has achieved a great deal in a very short space of time: a re-vamped Doll Collection; a brand new small local museum; a new office space; a small shop; a meeting room/library for villagers and local businesses with free wifi and tea/coffee making facilities; a re-styled Victorian billiards room; disabled access; a new disabled toilet with baby changing facilities; a completely renewed kitchen; and a freshly decorated committee room.

You really must agree that this is quite a list. However, to complete the dream of achieving a modern museum to reflect the history of this beautiful village and its surroundings, we need to increase the size of the Memorial Hall. The only way we can do this is to add an extra floor. This involves building a mezzanine floor between the ground and first floors As you can imagine, this will cost a substantial amount of money. The estimate for this total project is £40-50,000. This sounds an enormous amount of money but when you consider that, with grants and fundraising, the Steering Group has raised approximately £35,000 in less than two years, it is a target that can be achieved. the only provider of this amount of money that we can find, at this time, is the Heritage Lottery Fund. One of the many conditions attached to the HLF giving a grant is that we have the full backing of the local community.

We must raise money to ease the pressure on our band of volunteers, so we are starting a programme for Supporters, Members and Friends. The more people that commit to these will influence the Heritage Lottery Fund to give us a grant. If you can commit to becoming a Supporter, Member or Friend it will show the Heritage Lottery Fund that YOUR village wants a magnificent new amenity which will provide fun and education for villagers, visitors and particularly children.

Please click here for more information on becoming a Supporter, Member or Friend.

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